Courier driver with packages and trucks
  • Courier Service and Package Delivery

    • All Day
    • 1/2 Day
    • Expedited (2 hrs)
    • Direct/Urgent service
    • TSA certified next flight out and airport retrieval
    • Customized for you
  • Service Specialties

    Although we service a wide range of industries, there are several business and delivery types that we specialize in. Regardless of what you do, we are very confident that each delivery will be performed expertly and with the attention to detail that our customers require.

  • Medical Deliveries

    We provide services to a number of medical companies that require time-sensitive deliveries and special handling care, such as X-rays, lab work and interoffice files.

  • Mail Courier Services

    Are your employees standing in line at the post office call window when they could be working on something more important? Let Gopher save you time & money by picking up your bulk mail at the call window or your PO box and delivering it directly to you.

  • Construction Courier Services

    You've got to be quick and accurate when delivering for contractors, and Gopher exceeds expectations. We have an extensive list of well-known contracting companies that have been using Gopher Courier for years for their construction site deliveries.

  • Bank Courier Services

    We work with many local banks as their "mobile tellers." We pick up the bank customers' deposits and deliver them to the bank while coordinating deposit bag exchanges. We can arrange regular routed pick-ups or on-demand call-ins to accommodate your requirements.

  • Dispatch System

    We use the very latest in computer and communication technologies. Our dispatch department is in continuous communication with our drivers and can send orders to their phones with a click of the mouse. In turn, our drivers easily update the dispatch computer by pressing a few buttons on their phone keyboard which keeps a perfect time-stamped record of every pickup and delivery. We're in complete control of your package every step of the way!

  • Logistics, Warehousing & Storage

    Gopher Courier can provide storage for your records, parts, etc., and have whatever you request transported quickly and efficiently. Please call 602-A-GOPHER for a quote based on your specific needs.

  • Want to learn more?

    Need more information or want to talk with us about a customized plan for your company? Contact Us today!

  • "By exceeding customer expectations and meriting trustworthy relationships, we have been able to achieve and maintain a reputation in our industry of which we are very proud."